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Benefits of O�ZONELite�

Benefits of O�ZONE Lite CollageO�ZONELite� is perfect for allergy sufferers, parents with young children, pet owners, smokers and anyone who wants a safe, natural, non-toxic way to help eliminate germs, smoke and odors without the use of harmful, poisonous chemicals.

In addition, the O�ZONELite� is far more effective, easier to use and more cost effective than the currently popular HEPA filters. A lot of people may not realize this, but HEPA filters merely trap airborne particles, they do not actually destroy harmful bacteria, smoke and odors as the O�ZONELite� does.

  • O�ZONELite� eliminates the growth of airborne pathogens, smoke and odors
  • O�ZONELite� fits virtually anywhere a standard incandescent bulb can be used.
  • O�ZONELite� is so energy efficient that it pays for itself, saving the user an average of $50 in energy consumption over the life of the bulb (lasts up to 6,000 hours � 8 times longer than an average light bulb).
  • At 23 watts, the O�ZONELite� gives off the same light output as a regular 100-watt incandescent bulb.
  • O�ZONELite� is environmentally friendly, too, eliminating the need for poisonous chemical aerosol sprays, which are harmful to humans and animals, as well as the ozone layer.
  • The warm color of the O�ZONELite� bulb replicates that of a standard incandescent light bulb, not the blue-white color normally associated with fluorescent lights.
  • O�ZONELite� does not have to be left on continually to be effective.
  • Unlike standard incandescent bulbs, the O�ZONELite� emits virtually no heat.

[Also available in a 42-watt version. The 'TURBO' O�ZONELite� � great for larger spaces such as garages and basements. Saves over $100 in energy consumption over the life of the bulb.]

CLICK HERE to view a scientific study of the O�ZONELite�.

CLICK HERE to view independent study of benefits of Ti02 (titanium dioxide).*

*This study is in no way an endorsement of O�ZONELite� or any other products referenced on this site. *Results vary based on room size and airflow.

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